Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval with No Credit Check From Top Online Lenders

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If you’re now reading this text, you probably have some money difficulties you’re trying to overcome. And we know how tough it may be when you struggle alone. Borrowers with poor credit scores can face multiple barriers on their way to getting emergency financial assistance. And yes, it can be quite hard for you to find a suitable offer from traditional lenders if you can’t apply with a co-signer. Luckily, you can always turn to an alternative direct lender and consider bad credit loans with guaranteed approval.

However, finding a suitable direct lender can take you more than one day when you do it on your own. If you don’t have enough time to conduct your research, there are multiple connecting companies that will gladly do this tiring job for you in a few minutes. Here are the best platforms offering online bad credit loans from direct lenders that require no guarantor and no credit check.

Best Online Services for No Credit Check Loans with Guaranteed Approval

  1. 1F Cash Advance – Get up to $4,000 loan fast with bad credit
  2. ASAP Finance – Get up to $5,000 loan even with bad credit
  3. 15M Finance – Get a cash loan wired within an hour

#1. 1F Cash Advance – Overall Best Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval


At 1F Cash Advance, the process of linking with a direct lender takes you less than one hour. This happens because the company already has a rapidly growing database of trusted loan providers and conducts all the required checks that help it to verify the reliability of the lender. People with bad credit scores can get up to $5,000, provided that they earn enough on a monthly basis to cover their loan payments.

As the acceptance rate is estimated at about 91%, we can say that the service offers almost guaranteed loans. Thus, lending decisions that its direct lenders make are not tied to your credit history.

“I believe that our work should do good to people and help those who are limited in their abilities when it comes to borrowing money. When a person has a good credit history, almost all doors are open to him. But financial help is not a reward for good behavior. Life is life, and we all go through difficulties. I am sure that we are doing important work, and I am glad that people who are experiencing financial difficulties have a worthy alternative.”Kerry Vetter, the finance author and expert of 1F Cash Advance.

Customer service: 4.3/5

Customer support: 4.8/5

Acceptance rate: 91%

Loan decision speed: 4.8/5

Total score: 4.6/5


Loan application procedure without a hassle

Whatever loan you apply for through 1F Cash Advance, it is always a simple form you need to complete online. Each next step you take while applying is consistent and intuitive.

A company that is focused on people’s needs

At 1F Cash Advance, they are completely immersed in solving other people’s financial problems and go out of their way to make sure no one is left without the help they deserve. You won’t get the feeling that your creditworthiness is more important than you.

An impressive speed of receiving money

The platform specializes in emergency loans. Loan funds will be in your bank account by the end of the next business day, counting from the date of signing a loan agreement.

#2. ASAP Finance – Bad Credit Personal Loans with Guaranteed Approval up to $5,000

ASAP Finance

ASAP Finance

Whether you need a small amount that is up to $1,000 or $2,000, or you want to finance a purchase of up to $5,000, ASAP Finance is the company that is always at your service. It provides a wide array of bad credit loan options by collecting offers from multiple lenders. Preliminarily, each lender goes through a rigorous selection process that the company conducts to be sure that a service provider has a good reputation and is really worth working with.

ASAP Finance is a place where people with bad credit scores can access almost any form of urgent financial assistance. You can apply for any type of loan with peace of mind, knowing that your credit history won’t be a reason for refusal if you meet other requirements that are basic and plain.

“People in America usually can’t live their whole lives without resorting to loans. But while someone takes out a mortgage to buy the house of their dreams, another person has to go above and beyond just to get extra cash to make ends meet till their next paycheck. I don’t blame those who work hard and can afford more. It was said just to show the gap between different groups of people in our country. Therefore, our support is directed to those customers who really need protection.”Gregory Allen, the principal CEO of ASAP Finance.

Customer service: 4.6/5

Customer support: 4.3/5

Acceptance rate: 90%

Loan decision speed: 4.5/5

Total score: 4.5/5


Soft credit inquiries only

Since bad credit score borrowers often worry about doing something that would lower their credit ratings a few more, the company decided to eliminate the cause for concern and reduce the risk of future harmful events. All loans from ASAP Finance do not require a credit check through major credit bureaus.

100% guaranteed same-day approval decision

No credit check loans with guaranteed approval decisions allow you to know for sure whether or not you’re approved on the same day you submit. Just keep doing your usual things without unnecessary reasons to worry.

Unambiguous loan documents

Your loan contract contains all the important information about your loan and allows you to get it from it without having special knowledge in the field. Loan terms are clear, transparent, and understandable. Also, the company’s website provides general information about the products offered, which will help you in choosing a loan for your situation.

#3. 15M Finance – Best for Instant Online Loans for Bad Credit

15M Finance

15M Finance

Make it possible to cover all your current needs within a business day with the help of 15M Finance. The service poses a digital platform with a convenient interface and useful information about bad credit loans. The best part of it is that the company allows you to access all these loan services by completing just one loan request form. It becomes possible due to an extensive network of bad credit direct lenders that the company picks carefully for partnership.

You can access both payday loans and installment loans even with a poor credit score. The service allows you to borrow money at fixed interest rates, so your monthly payments will always be predictable. Also, you’re not forced to accept the offer and can reject it without financial loss. Borrowers don’t need to pay anything to the company. If the conditions don’t suit you, you can fill out the online application form again and again until you get a beneficial offer.

“It is very important for us to maintain a high level of customer service in the bad credit loan space as we truly believe that our clients deserve nothing but qualified assistance. We are always happy to help those who are in trouble and can’t cope on their own. 15M Finance doesn’t divide people into “prime” and “subprime.” We strive to help everyone, and we do it in good faith.”Kayla Harris, the personal finance writer and expert contributor of 15M Finance.

Customer service: 4.4/5

Customer support: 4.3/5

Acceptance rate: 91%

Loan decision speed: 4.5/5

Total score: 4.5/5


Urgent loans with fast money transfers

While traditional financial institutions conduct long-drow checks and rarely give you a loan in less than a week, instant loans from 15M Finance usually arrive in a bank account as soon as the next business day.

You can apply multiple times in a row

Online lenders use alternative ways of checking your solvency, so you don’t have to worry about your credit score going down. Moreover, the service doesn’t charge any fees when you use it to find a suitable lender.

Almost ideal for borrowers with low credit scores

Whatever your credit history is, you can obtain an emergency loan without pawning your belongings and risking losing them. The platform can also help those who don’t build any credit yet.

What Are Loans for Bad Credit with No Credit Check?

There are many occasions that can reduce your credit score. And when your FICO rating is already low, you especially don’t want to make things worse. However, this is not so easy if you have to go through a hard credit check, for example, when you take out a loan from a bank or credit union. And this is when loans for bad credit with no credit check appear to help you out in your difficult situation without unpleasant effects.

Bad credit online loans with no credit check are a type of loan package that gives consumers the unique opportunity to get the sum they need to reach their financial goals regardless of their credit status. In most states, you will be able to get up to $5,000, provided that you can service such debt. Also, as the name suggests, this form of borrowing doesn’t cause any changes in your credit report. This way, your credit score neither drops nor increases, whether you pay late or fulfill your payment obligations on time.

How Do No Credit Check Loans with Same-Day Approval Work?

No credit check loans with same-day approval were created in such a way as to make it possible to speed up loan processing. This is achieved by the fact that lenders use alternative verification methods that exclude a request to major credit bureaus from the vetting scheme. Thus, it takes much less time to review a customer’s personal and financial details and makes it possible to give a borrower an answer within an hour or less.

When you use a connecting service, you typically fill out one form, which is sent in a wink to the base of partner direct lenders after successful submission. When a lender gets your loan application form, it looks at the requested amount and the type of loan to realize whether or not it has a loan option that can meet your needs. If yes, it does a soft credit check using open sources and alternative means. Such a pull doesn’t drop your credit rating, so it’s nothing to worry about. If a service provider finds you a reliable borrower based on the soft pull results, it makes a positive loan decision and sends you a loan offer.

If you get a positive loan decision (lenders are more likely to send emails), you need to read the attached loan documents carefully and sign them electronically if you agree with all the terms. After the lender sees you’ve accepted an offer, it makes a direct deposit to your bank account within one business day. Then, you need to repay the loan in accordance with your payment schedule. It may require you to make equal monthly payments or repay the whole amount in one sum.

Most lenders that partner with connecting services or provide bad credit loans directly don’t care about your credit history. They are aimed at helping people with limited options instead of offering their services to customers who can cover their regular needs on their own or can turn to banks or credit unions to finance major purchases.

Is It Hard to Get a Bad Credit Loan with Guaranteed Approval?

Everything is known in comparison. Of course, bad credit loans with guaranteed approval have simple qualification requirements and are obtainable for consumers with poor credit scores. Thus, they are much easier to get compared to traditional personal loans. However, don’t let the lenders give you a wrong impression of their financial products. Although eligibility criteria for getting bad credit loans online are easy to meet, there are still some points lenders can worry about.

Thus, you need to prove that you’re able to return your debt. Therefore, your income needs to be satisfactory, and your debt-to-income ratio should be at an acceptable level as well. Also, a loan provider may look at your credit utilization ratio and take into account your payment history.

Types of Bad Credit Loans – Guaranteed Approval Options

There are many examples of no credit check loans with guaranteed approval from a direct lender. Their diversity is explained by the different needs of people and the willingness of lenders to meet them. Now you can find short-term and long-term loans, unsecured loans, or those with a pledge, and each option may be the best solution for a particular situation. Therefore, let’s consider both secured and unsecured loans that you’re allowed to apply for with a bad credit score.

No Credit Check Payday Loans

Payday loans with no credit checks pose small loan amounts that people with low credit scores can use to improve their financial situation in the short run. A bad credit payday loan refers to debt with a maturity date by your next payday.

As the loan cost must be refunded in one sum, payday lenders set limits on the maximum loan amount to prevent borrowers from obtaining more than they can afford to repay. This way, you can get between $100 and $1,000 and pay off the principal amount plus interest rate within 14 to 31 days. Interest rates on these cash advances are generally high, so a payday loan is considered an emergency option.

Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

On the contrary to payday loans, installment cash advance loans are options for people with poor credit who can’t repay the whole debt at once and are looking for a flexible payment plan. An installment loan is a bad credit loan with an installment structure that involves repaying your debt partially. It becomes possible due to extended loan terms, which are up to 24 months.

Guaranteed installment loans for bad credit commonly allow consumers to access up to $5,000 for any personal needs. However, an installment loan typically comes with high interest rates and will cost you more than a payday loan because you will pay your interest within a longer period.

Secured Personal Loans

A secured loan for personal needs is a type of borrowing that allows bad credit people to take out needed amounts against their property. Thus, you need to put up collateral to get the funds. These loans may be offered by both traditional lenders and online loan providers. Some options have short loan terms, while others provide an opportunity for long-term planning.

For example, car title loans usually have loan terms of up to 31 days, while home equity loans are long-term solutions with loan terms of up to 20 years. Interest rates on secured loans are typically lower compared to unsecured ones. The amount you can get depends on the cost of your property. Also, keep in mind that a secured bad credit personal loan may require a hard credit check if you obtain it from a traditional lender.

Bad Credit Personal Loans (No Collateral)

A bad credit personal loan is a form of debt that can fit people with stable incomes and long-term financial needs. Online personal loans can be a wise way to finance major purchases or events if you can’t seek help from traditional lenders. They are unsecured loans with an installment structure and loan terms of up to 60 months. If your income is satisfactory, you can request the amount of up to $15,000.

Cash Advances from Pawn Shops

Pawn shop loans can be related to secured loans but have one significant distinction. These loans don’t require any financial checks and can be obtained even without having a bank account. You just need to visit a pawn shop and pledge some of your items that can be sold to offset the amount of your loan in case of non-payment.

Joint Loan Options

Joint personal loans are loans with two borrowers. If a primary borrower has a poor credit score, they draw a co-borrower with good credit to get a personal loan with acceptable terms. This way, both a primary and co-borrower will be responsible for repaying the loan.

Cash Advance Apps

If you need a cheaper alternative to payday loans online, consider using a cash advance app to avoid high interest rates. You can get a small loan amount with loan terms by your next paycheck but with a lower lender fee. Also, some cash advance apps are not limited to payday loans and allow you to access a full range of loan services. For example, you can get a 1F Cash Advance App for iOS or install an Android version and use it to get both a payday loan and an installment loan with the help of your smartphone.

Does My Credit Score Matter for Getting Online Loans with No Credit Check?

A borrower’s credit history is definitely not a reason for making a negative answer. When you apply for no credit check personal loans with a bad credit score, you may be sure it won’t be a decisive factor in a lender’s decision. However, it would be wrong to say that your FICO rating doesn’t affect anything. Your credit score can predetermine an interest rate a lender offers to you. The lower your credit score, the higher loan interest you can be offered.

Wise Ways to Use Guaranteed Approval Loans

Guaranteed approval personal loans are free of restrictions when it comes to a loan purpose. It means that a lender doesn’t track what you spend the money on. However, due to high costs and limited terms of some options, there can be imprudent ways of using guaranteed approval loans that will negatively affect your financial situation. For example, it’s not recommended to use bad credit loans with guaranteed approval for inessentials or luxurious items that you can easily do without. Thus, whether you obtain good or bad debt is typically determined by your loan purpose.

Using borrowed amounts as debt consolidation loans is one of the possible ways of creating good debt. Debt consolidation loans can be your ally in effective personal finance management. First, they can prevent you from missed payments and high late fees. It becomes possible by making it easier to repay one large loan instead of servicing several small debts that you can easily forget about in your daily fuss. Also, if you find a new loan at lower interest rates, you can save money on interest in the long run.

Additionally, emergency loans can be used in situations when you need to prevent debt growth. For example, you can use personal loan funds to cover medical bills, utilities, rent, or credit card payments. This way, you avoid stress and high fees for late payments. Some people also borrow money from online loan providers to cover their regular spending when they run out of money due to financial emergencies.

What Are Common Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Guaranteed Approval Loan?

There are just a few requirements that are common for all lenders. You need to be of legal age, confirm your legal US citizenship, and verify your stable source of income. In addition, you need to specify your personal data and contact information, such as your phone number and active email. Also, having a valid checking account in your name is mandatory for obtaining most online personal loans.

Bear in mind that some financial products may require you to provide access to your bank account. This way, a lender will be able to freely deduct money from your account on the maturity date.

Pitfalls of Bad Credit Loans (Guaranteed Approval)

One of the most obvious cons of no credit check loans with guaranteed approval that lies on the surface is that they often imply high interest rates. However, there are also some hidden nuances that can be significant.

First, receiving money is not something that is guaranteed to you by submitting a form. To make a loan decision, a lender needs to ensure it will get its money back from you. Therefore, it performs a soft pull to review your financial situation and credit details. This way, a “no credit check” statement is also half true. Although the acceptance rate for online loans for bad credit is high, there is always a probability of being rejected.

Also, bad credit loans with guaranteed approval can cause a side effect in the form of debt accumulation. For example, when you obtain a loan to cover other debt or buy some unnecessary items, you can easily get into a debt trap.

Final Thoughts on Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Bad credit loans (guaranteed approval) may be useful for people who don’t have many alternatives in the lending space. However, they are an expensive form of debt with high interest rates, so it is important to make calculations and revise your budget to make sure you can afford the potential debt.

An average online bad credit loan is an unsecured loan that doesn’t require any collateral. Although unsecured personal loans are not associated with risks, it doesn’t mean that you can stop paying them off without any negative effects. Don’t obtain debt if you’re not sure that you will be able to service it. No credit check personal loans can positively affect your financial situation if you use them cautiously.


Where to Find Trusted Bad Credit Loan Companies with No Credit Check Options?

Bad credit lending companies are now widespread. It’s quite common to search for them on the Internet to find the best one in your city. Also, you can apply through online services that accept loan requests from anywhere in the country. Ask your friends about the trusted companies they know, study the experience of other borrowers by using customer review websites, or take a closer look at ratings compiled by resources you trust and find reliable.

Can I Apply for Online Loans with No Credit Check with Bad Credit?

Online loans with no credit check don’t require you to meet any requirements associated with a credit score. They just don’t have them. Direct lenders are more interested in your financial ability to repay the loan. Therefore, you can apply for a loan while having a bad credit score if you can demonstrate sufficient income.

What Do I Need to Get Bad Credit Loans Online?

The list is pretty short. If we speak about documents, you may need your valid ID and income verification (typically a pay stub or a bank statement). When it comes to other basic requirements that direct lenders are more likely to set, you need to be of legal age, be a permanent US resident, have an active bank account, and provide some of your personal details through an application form.

Can I Get No Credit Check Loans with Guaranteed Approval from a Direct Lender via a Cash Advance App?

A cash advance app can be either an alternative to a lender’s website or a stand-alone platform for getting loans. However, most cash advance apps offer short-term solutions that are similar to regular bad credit payday loans. At the same time, there are also apps that provide borrowers with both payday and installment loans. You just need to find the one that meets your needs and offers suitable products and install it on your smartphone via a digital distribution service.

Am I Guaranteed Loan Approval?

Guaranteed loans are not what they seem at first glance. Unfortunately, there is no approval assurance, even when a loan is marked as “guaranteed” by a lender. Your loan provider wants to get its money back along with interest, so it needs to make sure you can meet its expectations. This way, a payday lender can reject you in getting a loan if your financial situation is not credible.

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