Attorney General Stein’s January Column: Keep Your Bank Account Warm During Winter – NCDOJ

January 2023

Last month, people in North Carolina experienced a terrible cold. The ice left thousands without power, some struggling to stay warm. Unfortunately, scammers are looking to use incidents like this to take advantage of you. Look for common signs of scams and scams to keep you and your family safe and warm this winter.

Scammers often impersonate electrical companies to steal people’s money or personal information. Beware of threatening phone calls from people claiming to represent your electric company. State the above and call the company directly if you suspect the call may be a scam. Never give personal information such as birthdays, Social Security numbers, or bank account numbers to anyone over the phone unless you are sure of their identity. indeed. Be aware that if someone wants you to make payments using a gift card or cryptocurrency, it’s a scam.

When the Governor declares a state of emergency, my office enforces legislation to reduce North Carolina’s costs. The law protects people from price gouging during natural disasters to take advantage of human intervention. Last year, our office received 53 reports of reduced prices related to winter weather. If you see price increases in your community during an emergency, report them to my office’s Consumer Protection Division at /pricegouging or 877-5-NOSCAM. My office will investigate each complaint and take action against companies that violate the law.

Winter weather disrupts our energy use, so be prepared if your home is without power. Make sure important devices like cell phones are fully charged. Update your contact information and email address and read any communications from the company. Follow their advice to be safe.

Whenever a crisis occurs, traders look to exploit people’s fear and hope to make a quick buck. Staying alert to common symptoms can help you avoid them. During this season’s winter storms, be sure to keep yourself and your family safe.

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