Attorney General Raul Labrador sits down with Don Nelson

BOISE, Idaho – You may not agree with him, but you probably know where he stands on the main political issues of the day. Newly appointed Attorney General Raul Labrador admits that he is a very straightforward person. Labrador was raised by a single mother who struggled financially in Puerto Rico, but Labrador says his mother provided him with everything he needed as a child. I asked the Attorney General, when he was young, did he and his mother talk about politics?

“You know, my mother is really political, so we grew up in Puerto Rico, moved to Las Vegas in high school and the whole time we discussed politics. love for the Kennedy family .”

In fact, when he was eleven years old he attended a Ted Kennedy rally. He will be in a very different position later in life. Labrador said in 1981 his mother switched parties because of Ronald Reagan.

Labrador explained, “Why did this man change so much that he changed his political identity? So I studied Reagan, and learned the values ​​that he believed were the same values ​​that he held me. and values ​​that I have, and that’s why I’m a republican.”

That, then becoming a member of the LDS church, led Labrador to a new path. It was a way that would take him into politics, first as a state representative, then a US Congressman and now the Attorney General of Idaho.

There is an opinion that some of Labrador is a polarizing model. Labrador responded to that accusation.

“I don’t, I don’t think people in the media are used to someone saying what they mean. Answer if you ask me.”

Labrador, who ran unsuccessfully against Gov. Brad Little four years ago, said his relationship with Little is warm but admitted he and the governor aren’t always on the same page. . He looks forward to working with the 2023 congressmen on important issues such as immigration, curbing the use of Fentanyl and defending state law against the federal government. Last week the Attorney General of Labrador filed a letter, along with twenty one other state AGs, condemning the FDA for reversing years of trials and allowing abortion pills. prohibited to distribute remotely.

“This law was there for a reason. The state of Idaho believes that abortion, as it is, should be illegal, and the FDA is trying to make a car after they were defeated in court.”

As for what is next for Labrador, his hand is yet to be revealed, but at least the next four years will see him do the work he has chosen to do.

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