Arizona’s Attorney General has filed a motion to halt the death penalty

The Office of Arizona Attorney General (AG) Kris Mayes filed a motion with the Arizona Supreme Court to revoke the warrant requested for Aaron Brian Gunches. In December the AG requested the warrant after Gunches expressed his desire to be killed. However, Gunches later filed for withdrawing the application. The motion cited three recent incidents as “criminal violations.” In early January, the AG found out clarify the government has no objection to the death row inmate’s request to withdraw his request for a death sentence.

Gunches were punished in the obituary for the 2002 death of Ted Price, an old boyfriend of Gunches’ girlfriend. Tau was kidnapped at gunpoint and shot multiple times in a desert area off the Beeline Highway. The 51-year-old is among 21 prisoners whose appeals have been dropped. There are currently 110 inmates in Arizona, and three sentences have been completed this year.

This is Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs hearing a plan to improve the state’s death penalty by improving transparency and accountability. This will be done as follows:

An Independent Review Commissioner should be appointed to work at the discretion of the Governor to review and provide clarity to the ADCRRThe use of antibiotics and the gas room process of drug procurement, performance management, and staff evaluations include training. education and experience.

More information about the same summarized in the special order issued by the Governor’s Office.

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