Are you covered? Why your auto insurance policy may not cover certain damages

Special advertising is not required for all vehicles in North Carolina. Without this, you will pay out of pocket for non-destructive damages.

GREENSBORO, NC – Rain is not the best weather for driving. The weather is not good to park outside. Wind can break branches and fall directly on your windshield. And if that happens…

“That’s more than what seems like a perfect explanation, like a rock flying off another car and hitting your windshield and cracking that thing,” said Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance Services.

Are you covered? Do you have complete information on your car insurance? Publicity is not automatic. Car insurance has many components.

Liability coverage

This is when you run into trouble. Liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage to other drivers is required in NC.

Trouble Shooting

This includes vehicle damage, also required in NC.

Full Coverage

This includes theft, damage to your vehicle due to theft, break-in, tree fall, and ice. This insurance is not required on all vehicles.

If you don’t have it, you’re out of luck. You will pay for any damage out of your own pocket and thanks to the growth and efficiency of sales, you can pay 20% more for parts and not to mention waiting longer for parts to arrive inside.

Why your car insurance may go up

An insurer will usually consider a car a total loss if the cost to repair the car is more than 70% of the car’s value. With the increase in repair costs and parts, the chip and the lack of configuration for many cars are added, maybe even if they reach the 50% mark. The bottom line is, don’t be surprised if your car insurance goes up. In fact, wait for it.


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