Applied Surety announces important appointments

Applied Surety Underwriters has announced the appointment of Alfred N. Wright as senior vice president and Ronald B. Diggs Jr.

In his new role, Wright will use his industry connections to develop and promote a specialized contract assurance team for programs expected to fall below $5 million single/$10 million in total.

Prior to joining Applied Surety Underwriters, Wright served as a senior vice president at Crum & Forster Insurance Agency, managing the company’s underwriting practice. From 2011 to 2015, he served as senior vice president of the Endurance American Insurance Company practice.

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Diggs joined Applied Surety Underwriters from Crum & Forster, where he served as chief executive officer.

In his new role, Diggs will focus on strategic decision-making to support financial growth for the company.

Guaranteed Order was announced b Estimated Purchases in March of last year. In June, the company announced a sports and entertainment division.

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