Andrew Warren writes Gov. DeSantis requests that he be reinstated as State’s Attorney

Andrew WarrenThe Democratic Hillsborough County State Attorney has been suspended by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantisa letter was sent to the Governor to request that the suspension be lifted and that he be reappointed as public prosecutor.

The move follows a ruling last week by a Tallahassee federal judge. Robert Hinklethis upheld the suspension but found that DeSantis violated Warren’s First Amendment rights to speak freely. Hinkle decided that DeSantis would suspend Warren based on his actions, not just silence a progressive attorney.

“The judge’s decision is very clear: the governor’s allegations against me are completely false and the dismissal is illegal,” Warren said in a statement. “I think if you ask anyone who believes in the law, they will tell you what the governor should do is clear.”

Hinkle also found that DeSantis overstepped state law in suspending Warren, who was twice elected by Hillsborough County voters as State’s Attorney. But because he was a federal judge, the Eleventh Amendment prevented him from remanding Warren on that basis and sending that case to the state courts to be tried.

Warren has not said whether he will appeal the decision. For now, he’s asking DeSantis to give his job back.

“After a full and fair hearing regarding my suspension, with unlimited time and the full extent of the federal investigation available to your office to show otherwise. , the United States District Court emphatically stated that I performed my duties under the law without any sign of misconduct and that my suspension violates the US and Florida Constitutions,” the Warren wrote in the letter.

“So, in accordance with your oath of office to uphold all the constitutions and your sacred duty to faithfully execute the laws of Florida – including your power to suspend local officials – I ask respectfully request that you volunteer to reappoint me as Hillsborough County state’s attorney for the remainder of the year. four years without delay.”

Warren was first elected in 2016 and re-elected in 2020. DeSantis turned Republican. susan lopez.

Under the Florida basedThe Governor has the power to remove leaders of the country from office due to incompetence, failure to perform duties, neglect of duty, incompetence , drunk, unable to perform their duties or committing a crime.

The state Senate, however, has the power to uphold the suspension and permanently remove them from office or restore the office. However, the process of the Senate is suspended until the legal dispute comes to the suspension.

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