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Publishing: 2023-01-20T16:36:20

Update: 2023-01-20T16:36:28

Andrew Tate’s attorney has asked Twitch star Adin Ross to visit the Romanian defense attorney despite being added to his visitor list.

Since his filming at the end of 2022Andrew Tate is still being held in a Romanian prison though attempt to appeal and crying there is no proof his alleged crimes.

Tate recently revealed that he put Twitch streamer Adin Ross on his guest listand Ross quickly introduced himself work on organizing a trip to Romania fast.

However, Andrew Tate’s lawyer has questioned whether or not Adin Ross will be allowed to visit the accident site.

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Adin Ross recently shaved his head after making a deal with Andrew Tate on the river before he was arrested.

Andrew Tate’s lawyer has questioned Adin Ross’ visit

On January 20, Andrew Tate’s attorney spoke about the Romanian Thought Edition about the Twitch star’s visit to Tate.

“I received this information yesterday. I visited Andrew yesterday evening, but I didn’t ask him,” said Eugen Vidineac. “In my view, he will not have the opportunity to visit Andrew because he is not in the family, so the prosecutor did not accept a request.”

Although the lawyer will not make the final call on whether Adin will be allowed to visit Andrew, fans are still left wondering if it will happen or not.

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If faced with any problems, however, Adin has more time to try things related to the inspection like the 30 day detention of Andrew Tate. added on February 27he spent 60 days in a Roman prison.

Tate’s assets are still being held by the authoritiesincluding his trademark Bugatti Chiron.

Andrew and Adin have yet to announce the pending visitation since his attorney’s statement, but we’ll be sure to update this article if they do. .

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