Anchorage’s attorney has resigned

Anchorage Deputy Municipal Attorney Blair Christensen has resigned. Christensen told the Daily News that he submitted his resignation letter to Mayor Dave Bronson on Monday.

His last day is Feb. 8, Christensen said.

When asked why he resigned, Christensen said, “I just got a new opportunity. And it seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Bronson’s original prosecutor, Patrick Bergt, left the job in June. The Anchorage Assembly in September refused Bronson’s other choice was for city attorney, Mario Bird. Bird currently works for the city as a senior policy advisor in the mayor’s office, according to the city’s employee directory.

Christensen’s departure comes at a time of turmoil at Anchorage City Hall. Former County Manager Amy Demboski Bronson is charged and his management of many crimes, including illegal contracts, sex and attempted murder in a pending criminal case against the business partner of one of Bronson’s main advisers. Bronson’s deputy chief of staff, Brice Wilbanks, resigned last week but at the time walk back the farewell after the Ombudsman notified city attorneys that a member of Bronson’s group may have tried to view footage of the City Hall scene. (A spokeswoman in the mayor’s office said Friday that Wilbanks is “no longer employed” by the city.)

Christensen would not comment on Demboski’s allegations, and whether they played a role in his decision to leave.

“I will not comment on anything,” he said.

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“I really enjoyed working for the Municipality of Anchorage and serving the citizens. I really enjoyed this. This is one of the best jobs in my life and it was a very difficult decision for me,” he said.

Christensen declined a copy of his resignation letter. “It’s not like there’s anything in there other than your typical resignation letter,” he said.

He declined to say what his new job would be. “I don’t want to share without talking to my new boss,” he said.

It’s a creative story. Check back for updates.

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