Alleged Young Thug’s Room Drug Deal: Lawyer Says Rapper Had Nothing To Do.

Young Thug’s attorney maintained his client’s innocence after prosecutors accused the rapper and one of his YSL RICO co-defendants of delaying jury selection by the exchange of drugs in the courtroom.


In an interview with WSB-TVattorney Keith Adams said that Young Thug did not know what was given to him and immediately submitted to a court office.

“The truth is, Mr. Williams had nothing to do with what happened in the courtroom yesterday. One of the defendants, while going to the bathroom, tried to pass something to Mr. William and immediately give it to the representative.

He continued: “We don’t know what (the thing) is.” He doesn’t know what it is. He quickly turned to the deputy. MPs took action. The person who had the stunner was not Mr. Williams-was taken into the rear, where I am told he ate whatever he had. He had to be taken to the hospital, and as a result, the trial ended for the day.”


Courtroom surveillance video captured the moment prosecutors accused Young Thug and his co-defendant Kahlieff Adams of making a “hand-to-hand” deal in court,” as then mentioned on WSB-TV.

NOTE: My partner @MarkWinneWSB surveillance video has just emerged showing the moment prosecutors accused Young Thug and his accuser Kahlieff Adams of running a “hand-to-hand” trading in court.@wsbtv


Representative said find Adams and found Percocet, marijuana, and tobacco on him. He was then taken to the hospital after allegedly taking other drugs to prevent the police from finding them.

Prosecutors asked the court to “make an inquiry into the fact that the trial was postponed to January 18, 2023 due to the actions of (Young Thug) and the defendant Adams.”

The public prosecutor filed a petition, asking the court to “investigate the fact that the Court was postponed to January 18, 2023 due to the actions of the accused William and the accused Adams”.@wsbtv


This incident is the third time he has been brought into the courtroom, causing delays in the long process of the jury’s decision.

On Tuesday, Deputy Latasha Kendrick, the mother of Yak Gotti, was arrestedwhen he was accused of trying to get his son rolling papers and tobacco products in a bag of clothes.

Last week, Fulton County Chief Judge Ural Glanville said one of the defendants found clothing marijuana hidden in shoes.

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