Alex Jones’ interim lawyer has asked the court to allow him to represent his client in the Proud Boys trial

  • Norman Pattis was suspended for six months in Connecticut for sharing personal information of the families of Jones’ accusers.
  • The defamation conspiracy trial for another Pattis begins this week

(Reuters) – An attorney who was suspended from practicing law in Connecticut for sharing the personal information of families sued conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. ask a federal judge in Washington, DC, allows him to participate as a defense attorney in a trial scheduled to begin this week on January 6, 2021, of the attack on the US Capitol.

Judge Barbara Bellis in Connecticut last week temporary suspension Norman Pattis’ law license in the state has been suspended for six months, after medical records shared with attorneys by the family of the Sandy Hook Elementary school student settled last year in another defamation lawsuit in Texas. A Connecticut court in October director Jones will pay nearly $1 billion in damages for his past claims that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax, and Bellis later. stuck up an additional $473 million in punitive damages.

Pattis represented Jones in the Connecticut defamation case, which was under an order protecting that sensitive information. Bellis said Pattis should not have provided the records to Jones’ defense attorneys in Texas, where Jones lost a settlement to reduce the defamation penalty by nearly $50 million.

Pattis is also a lawyer for Joseph Biggs, one of the defendants in the federal case charging members of the far-right Proud Boys with conspiracy to incite violence – or conspiracy to use force. defeat or bring down the American government – on the attack of the government. Capitol building by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Biggs has pleaded not guilty. Opening arguments in the trial are expected to take place this week in the DC federal courthouse.

DC federal court law states that attorneys who have been suspended from practicing in another jurisdiction for more than 30 days are automatically suspended from practicing there.

Pattis said court file As of Sunday, he was not notified of a suspension in DC, and he plans to appeal the sentence in DC and Connecticut.

He said he is also requesting a stay on the Connecticut court’s order to suspend his law license. A hearing will be held Friday on the request, but Pattis said in court documents that he was advised that “it cannot be stayed.”

Pattis said that while Biggs has other attorneys in the case, Pattis is his “counsel of choice.” The attorney also cited several pieces of evidence in this case, including statements recently released by the congressional select committee that investigated the riots. in the Kapitolyo, this is another reason why he should be allowed to stay.

“I feel bad for Mr. Biggs. He is the party that is suffering as a result. In the context of a lawsuit, this becomes an important issue,” Pattis said in an email. in Reuters.

Another attorney for Biggs, Dan Hull, did not immediately return a request for comment.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly has not ruled on Pattis’ request to attend Biggs’ trial, according to court records.

Additional reporting by Sarah N. Lynch in Washington

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