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Phil and Marsha Rehel thought it would be one sided, but the Air Canada book they made was in the opposite direction of what they wanted.

“We only have Air Canada in Sudbury so we decided to book Air Canada from Sudbury to Toronto,” said Phil, explaining that he and his wife would be connecting on another ship to spend a month south when arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport. .

The cost of two Air Canada tickets is about $820.

Although they were experienced travelers in booking flights online, Phil and his wife realized a few days later that something was wrong.

They inadvertently changed the order of registration, which started from Toronto to Sudbury, instead of the other way around. They admitted they had done something wrong.

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Although they made non-returnable flights, Phil explained to Air Canada officials over the phone that they still wanted to fly in the right direction.

“The (departing) plane remained three-quarters empty. We felt there was a lot of room for them to make that transition,” Phil said.

The answer is no.

“This is what we get for a simple mistake and we’re not alone,” said Phil.

He and his wife had the means to book a replacement flight at an additional cost, but he said other travelers may not be so lucky.

Considering flight delays, cancellations, missing bags and lost luggage during the Christmas season, Phil wonders why Air Canada doesn’t use its discretion to make small changes, if possible.

He said the couple would have paid a fee to change flights, but there was no chance.

“A month later and they (Air Canada) have learned nothing, nothing,” said Phil, referring to the delay and cancellation in December.

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Airlines do not consider making exceptions or going beyond the terms and conditions associated with a particular category of passengers.

Contacted by Global News, the spokesperson of Air Canada said that the Rehels bought the cheapest price that cannot be returned.

“We advise customers to carefully review their travel information when purchasing. In addition, all customers, after purchasing any type of fare, have up to 24 hours to cancel registration in order to receive the full amount,” said the spokesperson.

The advice of the airline company is to pay special attention to non-refundable passengers.

However, Air Canada agreed to review Rehels’ case and, in good faith, returned the entire amount of their passengers in the form of an airline credit after Global News brought the subject them.

“We feel happy,” said Phil, who said the couple will use the credit on a plane later this year.

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