According to Loia, the “sensationalism of charges” costs the client his job and his name

In a preliminary hearing Wednesday, the Choctaw Nation acquitted a former teacher at Eastern Oklahoma State College of several felony charges.

Bryon Elliot Denny was initially charged with unlawful removal of a corpse, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, and possession of a weapon to commit a crime.

All such charges have been dismissed. Currently, Denny is facing the serious charge of illegal possession of cocaine, as well as the crime of marijuana. He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Brecken Wagner is representing Denny. He also told FOX23 that these charges ruined his client’s life, and should never have been filed.

“It’s very frustrating because my client, since September 1, has been known from Texas to New York City, (and) has been called a drug dealer who does strange things with the remains of people in his house ,” Wagner said.

He continued, “If it wasn’t for those charges, the remarkable thing about those charges, no one would know his name. It wouldn’t have gone in The New York Post. He may not have lost his job, but he certainly won’t have the problems he had.”

Wagner told FOX23 the actions were inappropriate.

“These actions, the actions of the government, are the most unaccountable and the most indefensible. How do you do that?” he said.

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