A man has been accused of stealing credit card information

Middleburg, Pa. – A Lewisburg man used the victim’s credit card number and charged $755 in items at various stores and websites, police said.

Jason David White, 37, of Lewisburg, is now facing felony counts of machine tampering and theft by deception.

The victim contacted the police last August after realizing there were nine unauthorized charges on her credit card, according to said Middleburg Police Officer Chad Thomas.

The victim, who lives in Middlecreek Township, told the police that she still has the card. The unauthorized charges were made between July 27 and August 23 at several websites, a mobile phone company, and Autozone stores.

White had used the victim’s credit card several months earlier with permission so he could pay her phone bill. White gave the victim cash at the time, Smith wrote. The woman who was involved told the police that she suspected that White was keeping the credit card number, and later used the card for other unauthorized purchases.

On January 12, White appeared and set a $1,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 26 at the office of District Judge Bo Trawitz.

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