A Florida lawyer hit a woman with a car while fighting over her mother. He was scolded


Michael Gray Moore

Volusia County Corrections

An argument with a client that involved putting that woman in the back of the car and hitting the woman’s daughter in that car got the DeLand lawyer punished both criminally and professionally.

In Volusia County court, 60-year-old Michael Moore pleaded no contest to battery and served six months in November. According to the Florida Bar lawsuit, Moore pleaded guilty to a charge of professional misconduct and received a reprimand from the state Supreme Court.

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Michael Gray Moore Volusia County Corrections

Supporting that car during a dispute about his mother

In May 2020, it was announced that after Moore pleaded guilty, he began representing married couple Lisa and Robert Forsyth after they were extradited. not another lawyer. Lisa Forsyth’s daughter, Rachel Gambelunghe, filed for disability, claiming her mother was disabled and abused by Robert Forsyth (Gambelunghe’s father).

“Ms. Gambelunghe .and Mr. Forsyth had significant disagreements over the well-being of Ms. Forsyth, his medical care, and his finances,” Moore said.

Gambelunghe was granted temporary custody of his mother in July 2020, and the court appointed a lawyer for his mother.

“(Moore) believed that the attorney appointed by the court was not doing what was best for Ms. Forsyth, and (Moore) were worried about Ms. Forsyth,” Moore said.

According to Moore’s arrest report, Gambelunghe is due in court at noon on October 15, 2020, to extend his custody, which will end at midnight. Forsyth will go to court with him.

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Disadvantages: In early 2020, after being charged with felony domestic violence after an argument with her husband, Moore entered the deferred prosecution program . Volusia’s online court records show he entered the program on April 27, 2020. Court records confirmed that the program was said to last six months, but Moore successfully completed the program – including drug testing, anger management classes, mental health. and drug use studies – on May 20, 2020.

So, Moore had nothing hanging over his head when he came to Gambelunghe’s apartment on the morning of October 15, 2020 before the trial that afternoon.

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According to the arrest report, Moore arrived with one of Forsyth’s former neighbors. Gambelunghe told the police that he asked Moore why he went there unannounced. He said he told her he wanted to see Lisa Forsyth. Gambelunghe said he told Moore to leave.

But when Gambelunghe went to grab his phone for a call to police, the arrest report said, his mother ran over and opened the door. Moore and the first neighbor, the arrest report said, rushed Forsyth to his car.

“(Moore) knew that Ms. Garnbelunghe of Ms. Forsyth. temporary police emergency,” the judge said. “Without Ms. Gambelunghe’s permission, (Moore) allowed Ms. Forsyth to enter her car. (Moore) then attempted to leave the scene Ms. Gambelunghe attempted to stop (Moore)’s vehicle and yelled at (Moore) to release Ms. Forsyth.

(Moore) then put his car in reverse and put his car back in Ms. Gambelunghe.”

According to the arrest report, Moore returned to her twice. In Moore’s guilty plea he said he only did it once. Both Gambelunghe said there were no injuries.

“(Moore) said he did not know that Ms. Gambelunghe was standing behind his car when he put the car in reverse,” said the referee.

With the help of the apartment manager, Gambelunghe blocked Moore from leaving with his mother. Police arrived and asked Moore to remove Forsyth from the vehicle.

In addition to six months of probation, Moore was also required to take eight hours of anger management training and perform 50 hours of community service. country.

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