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It’s less than a week into the new year before the incorporation of a law firm is mentioned, and the next day may be even better.

Orrick – a firm that brought home $1,316,335,000 in total revenue in 2021, and placed 35th in the recent Am Law 100 – recently announced that it will merge with Am Law 200 firm Buckley , which generated $148,496,000 in revenue in 2021.

According to the American lawyer, Orrick’s and Buckley’s combined $1.47 billion in revenue would have ranked No. 28 in last year’s Am Law 100. About 100 lawyers (including 35 partners) of including Orrick, for a total of approximately 1,150 attorneys. Together, they will create a Biglaw powerhouse, as a leader among financial institutions and fintech innovators.

Through this merger, Orrick will not only expand its DC footprint and expand its teams nationally in New York, Santa Monica, and San Francisco, but will also add a new office in Chicago. It is important to note here that while other Biglaw firms seem to be scrambling to think of ways to cut budgets and overheads, the Orrick/Buckley merger combines two firms that have always proven to be some The best places to work in the industry are focused on a good work-life balance for their colleagues. If you remember, Orrick was one of the first companies to offer partners bonus qualifying hours, rest only.

Here’s what the leaders of the two companies said in a press release about the merger:

“Our finance and technology are evolving in an environment of increased regulation and increasing uncertainty – this is one of their business challenges. As these groups merge, the combined company will provide regulatory and sector clarity to these stakeholders and their business partners. need to look at regulatory angles in pursuing their plans,” said Orrick Chair Mitch Zuklie. “This type of forward-looking advice is key to Orrick’s plan – and we are very fortunate to add Buckley talent and strengthen our culture with the collaborative, innovative, entrepreneurial DNA of the Buckley team.”

“It’s a turbulent time as financial markets and technology intersect. This change creates a lot of news and practice-setting regulations, trade and litigation risks and opportunities for our customers – and by joining forces with Orrick, we will be able to work closely with our customers on a high-quality, comprehensive solution,” said Buckley Co-Managing Partner Clint Rockwell.

“Buckley was founded on a vision of thinking differently about the business opportunities and challenges of clients, as well as the practice of law – and in Orrick, we have an exceptional partner in taking that vision forward,” said Buckley Co-Managing Partner. Chris Witteck.

The merger is expected to close by the end of the month. Congratulations to everyone at Orrick and Buckley on this new venture.

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