3 insurance that the Steelers did not activate in 2022

It’s always nice when a plan fits together so that everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, life is not always easy. It is usually those who prepare for things to go wrong that can persevere through adversity.

When it comes to structuring an NFL roster, both by game and when narrowing it down to 53 players, having a contingency plan is essential. If things don’t go as planned it could be the difference between running backwards or talking about the movie before Thanksgiving. These activities are done as part of insurance policies that are smart for teams that are ready to go. But sometimes it happens and the player cannot be called because of the way the season is played.

With all this in mind, three players used it as an insurance policy Steelers It did not need to be funded in the 2022 season.

Chris Oladokun

Selected as the Steelers second seventh round in the 2022 NFL draft, some thought the Steelers might have gone the free route to fill the last spot in the backroom. But the Steelers signing what was believed to be the greatest quarterback in free agency, as well as the only quarterback selected in the first round, was not the ultimate goal for a player. youth to catch in the NFL. For this reason, the Steelers selected Chris Oladokun from South Dakota State with the 241st overall pick.

But during training camp, Oladokun didn’t see action at quarterback until the first game. In fact, Oladokun was released by the Steelers in the second round of roster cuts without appearing in the first game.

While many questioned the Steelers’ selection of Oladokun after all, he became the insurance player the Steelers needed in training camp. With one or more Steelers quarterbacks missing due to injuries, minor or major, another quarterback will be needed to step in and fill the void. But with all three players doing everything they can to show they can be the Steelers starter in 2022, none of the Steelers top three quarterbacks missed a beat. one hole in the training camp. Because of that, the insurance policy quickly went away and Oladokun had the opportunity to catch with another NFL team.

Jesse Davis

Throughout the 2022 preseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line looked like they could be in trouble. The biggest concern of many Steelers fans, including myself, is whether the Steelers quarterback or running back will be the one for their lives as the offensive line continues to fail to play. after the game. Not only were there question marks over how well the starters could hold together, but the depth seemed more apparent as the Steelers prepared for the regular season.

On the eve of the final draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers traded a seventh-round draft pick for a seventh-round pick. Minnesota Vikings for the convict Jesse Davis. With five years of experience playing on both sides of the line and at guard and tackle, Davis gives the Steelers much-needed strength and depth on the line. offensive line.

But as many Steelers fans know, Jesse Davis hasn’t made a single bad catch for the Steelers this season. Hitting a few snaps each game on special teams was the only action Davis saw in 2022. Along with three of five the farm boys did not miss a single hole this year, with Chuks Okoramo missing the only one he was replaced by Trent Scott. , Davis remained on the line. The only significant time anyone missed was half a game of center Mason Cole, and center was not part of Davis’ description.

If the Steelers’ line had been down, Davis would have been there to try and stop whether it was a bad play or an injury. Instead, the offensive line stayed healthy and continued to improve throughout the season.

Mason Rudolph

If the Steelers were to vote in July, most people would think Mason Rudolph was traded before the 2022 NFL season. But this is not the case.

With eight of the 32 NFL teams using at least three quarterbacks in 2021, the Steelers felt there was a 25% chance it was worth giving up all three options because there were only three. last season they had to do the same thing. Although there are 12 NFL teams starting at least three quarterbacks in 2022, the Steelers are not one of them. Because of this, Mason Rudolph was inactive for 16 games and the only time he wore it was in Week 15 against the Carolina Panthers where he could not see the land.

While some fans are still hoping to get a reward for Rudolph in 2022 before he hits free agency this season, the Steelers held their insurance policy in place.

So there are three players who have been acquired or suspended by the Steelers in terms of contingencies for the 2022 NFL season. Are these smart investments for the Steelers? Were they lucky not to have to call up any of these players this season? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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